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ORDINANCE NO. 1126 <br />URGENCY ZONING ORDINANCE RESTRICTING <br />MOVING OR DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS OF <br />HISTORICAL, CULTURAL OR ARCHITECTURAL <br />IMPORTANCE. <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN: <br />SECTION 1. <br />Findings and Declaration of Intent. <br />Numerous parcels of land in the Town of Los Gatos are <br />sites of older buildings of historical or architectural importance, <br />To an extent that is unusual in California, such buildings have <br />escaped. natural and man-made disaster. Many are well preserved.® <br />Because of the location of the Town, the terrain and the <br />fact that before 1950 much of the land. in Los Gatos was owned in <br />comparatively small parcels, the Town has not been able to obtain <br />the economic benefits of standard. large -scale commercial and <br />industrial development. In order to sustain a viable local economy <br />the Town has had to emphasize its advantages as a location for <br />smaller, specialized commercial, professional and other service <br />enterprises, and. to take measures to attract a diverse population <br />of residents and visitors. The presence of older, useful buildings <br />has been an important, possibly indispensable, element in achieving <br />the foregoing objectives and in creating the aesthetic and. cultural <br />image on which a major part of the business life of the Town depends. <br />Destruction of important, historic and scenic buildings in <br />the Town has occurred. Destruction of others is imminent. The <br />Town Planning Commission is beginning a study of the proper means, <br />by ordinance, to preserve those important older buildings which remain. <br />SECTION 2.1. <br />Moving or Demolition of Certain Buildings. <br />Except as provided. by this ordinance, no person shall move or <br />demolish all or any substaratial portion of any building which was <br />