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(c) To adopt a sales and use tax ordinance which imposes <br />a tax and. provides a measure therefor that can be <br />administered and collected. by the State Board. of <br />Equalization in a manner that adapts itself as fully as <br />practicable to, and. requires the least possible deviation <br />from the existing statutory and. administrative procedures <br />followed by the State Board, of Equalization in administering <br />and collecting the California State Sales and. Use Taxes; <br />(d) To adopt a sales and use tax ordinance which can be <br />administered in a manner that will, to the degree possible <br />consistent with the provisions of Part 1.5 of Division 2 <br />of the Revenue and Taxation Code, minimize the cost of <br />collecting city sales and, use taxes and. at the same time <br />minimize the burden of record. keeping upon persons subject <br />to taxation under the provisions of this ordinance. <br />SEC. 29-7.S. CONTRACT WITH STATE. Prior to the cp e rative date <br />this city shall contract with the State Board of Equalization to <br />perform all functions incident to the administration and operation <br />of this sales and use tax ordinance; provided, that if this city <br />shall not have contracted with the State Board of Equalization <br />prior to the operative date, it shall nevertheless so contract <br />and in such a case the operative date shall be the first day of <br />the first calendar quarter following the execution of such a <br />contract rather than the first day of the first calendar quarter <br />following the adoption of this ordinance. <br />SEC. 28 -7.6. SALES TAX. For the privilege of selling tangible <br />personal property at retail a tax is hereby imposed. upon all <br />retailers in the city at the rate stated in Section 28 -7.2 of <br />the 4? r C] , Vp np - i n t c <br />