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ORDINANCE NQ. <br />ORDINANCE AN <br />A MENDINGTHE Z O <br />ZONE CHANGE ING <br />NG <br />GE N0. 86 <br />The Town Council of the Town o <br />f ollows:. <br />1185 <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />ORDINANCE EFFECTING <br />-- PR`EZONING TO CH. <br />f Los Gatos does ordain as <br />SECTION ), <br />The Zoning O rdinance of the Town <br />amended to of Los Gatos <br />prezone the is hereby <br />property shown <br />hereto and on the map which <br />Is a part of t h• is attached <br />is Is <br />to CH (Restricted <br />way Commercial Zone). <br />High- <br />SECTION 2, <br />The T own Clerk <br />shall attest to the ado ption of <br />This Ordinance <br />shall be published this Ordinance. <br />Sarat nce in the Los <br />ga Observer, a newspaper Times - <br />and In the sPaper of general <br />published c irculatio n <br />e Town of L fifteen printed <br />of Its fina l Passage and Los Gatos within fi passe (15) day <br />s O <br />. (30 days rdinance shall take effect <br />f Gatos <br />its final thirt <br />passage, <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />i was <br />meeting of the duly and regularly <br />in troduced at a <br />Gatos Town <br />held on the Council of the Town of <br />18th Los <br />day of November <br />1974. <br />