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by meeting the needs created by the aforesaid housing <br />shortage, including, but not limited to, prevention of <br />excessive and unreasonable rent increases, and the as- <br />surance to landlords of a fair and reasonable return on <br />the value of their property. <br />24.10.020 Severabilitv. <br />If any provision or clause of this Chapter or the <br />application thereof to any person is held to be invalid, <br />such invalidity shall not affect the other provisions or <br />applications of this Chapter which can be given effect <br />without the invalid provision or application, and to this <br />end, the provisions of this Chapter are declared to be <br />severable. <br />24.10.025 Termination. <br />This ordinance will expire two years from its <br />effective date. <br />PART 2. DEFINITIONS <br />24.20.010 General <br />Unless the context otherwise requires, the <br />definitions set forth in this Part govern the construction <br />of the Chapter. <br />24.20.015 Rental Unit. <br />A rental unit is any building or part of a <br />building which is used for residence, or land which is <br />used for a mobile -home space, and which is rented to a <br />tenant as a dwelling place, except: <br />(1) Rental units, located in a building <br />-2- <br />