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ORDINANCE NO. 14 <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE <br />CONCERNING VOTING ON APPEALS <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />Section 5.30.100 of the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of <br />Los Gatos is amended to read: <br />SEC 5.30.100 DECIS <br />The decision of the Council upon the appeal shall be <br />expressed by a written resolution.. The Council shall <br />forthwith transmit copies of the resolution to the <br />original applicant, the appellant and the Commission. <br />Any decision of the Council modifying, in whole or in <br />part, the order, requirement, decision, determination, <br />interpretation, or ruling appealed from, or making and <br />substituting another decision or determination, requires <br />the concurrence of a majority of the membership of the <br />Council. If the decision is adverse to that of the <br />Commission on any action concerning the administration <br />or enforcement of any of the provisions of this Ordinance, <br />the resolution shall specify where there was an error or <br />abuse of discretion on the part of the Commission. No <br />determination granting or denying a conditional use <br />permit, or a variance, shall be reversed or modified by <br />the Council unless the Council shall include in its <br />decision a finding of fact showing where the Commission <br />erred in its decision. <br />SECTION 2. <br />This ordinance takes effect 30 days after the date it is <br />adopted. Within 15 days after this ordinance is adopted the Town <br />5 -5 -80j <br />