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carports and areas bounded by shrubbery or other <br />natural growth. The phrase unenclosed area, does <br />not include spaces surrounded by fences, other <br />structures or hedges which effectively shield the <br />storage space from view for a height of six feet <br />above grade. <br />(2) The word stored means <br />a. Placing, parking, keeping or maintaining <br />unmounted campers, inoperative vehicles, <br />vehicle parts or construction equipment <br />continuously for more than 48 hours. <br />b. Placing, parking, keeping or maintaining <br />trailers, boats, trailer coaches, house cars <br />or other vehicles either for more than 36 <br />hours or intermittently for periods exceeding <br />72 hours in any 30 -day period. <br />(3) Construction equipment means any vehicle or other <br />type of machine or tool, other than hand tools, intended <br />for use elsewhere than on the lot on which it is situated, <br />and designed for purposes of commercial hauling, earth <br />moving, use in agricultural operations or building or <br />other types of construction. <br />(4) Camper, trailer, trailer coach and house car have the <br />meanings given them in sections 243, 630, 635 and 362 <br />of the California Vehicle Code, respectively. <br />-2- <br />