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SECTION V <br />OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN <br />In addition to Exhibit A (Zone Change Vicinity Map), the attached Exhibits B <br />(Preliminary Conceptual Plan), C (Elevation for Unit #1), D (Elevation for Unit #4), <br />E (Elevation for Unit #5) and F (Elevation for Unit #7) are part of the Official <br />Development Plan. The following performance standards are part of the Official <br />Development Plan and must be complied with before issuance of any grading or <br />construction permits: <br />1. A subdivision map shall be filed to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer. <br />2. The following improvements shall be guaranteed by contract and bond, to the <br />satisfaction of the Town Engineer: <br />a. Bachman Avenue frontage. Repair of cracked and broken sections of curb, <br />gutter and sidewalk between Glenridge Avenue and Massol Avenue. <br />b. Bachman Avenue westerly of Glenridge. Permeable material meandering <br />sidewalk, concrete curb and gutter and pavement repair designed to save the <br />existing Oak trees. <br />c. Interior private driveway. Asphaltic concrete paving with a 14 -20 foot wide <br />curb -to -curb section and interior lighting sidewalk on one side. <br />d. Storm drainage system including manholes, piping, outfall structures, stream <br />bank protection, to the satisfaction of the Santa Clara Water District. <br />e. Sanitary sewer system, including manholes, mains, laterals, and sanitary <br />sewer clean -outs. <br />3. Grading, drainage (including drainage basin study), interim and final erosion <br />control, circulation and lighting plans shall be provided, to the satisfaction <br />of the Town Engineer. <br />4. Public utility, storm drain, and sanitary sewer easements as required shall be <br />provided, to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer. <br />5. An Application shall be submitted to the Town Engineer for a revocable permit to <br />allow construction of the driveway over Lot no. 8. <br />6. Verification of access rights shall be submitted for Parcel "A" (Echols), to the <br />satisfaction of the Town Engineer. <br />7. A two -year tree maintenance contract shall be established for the protection of <br />existing and newly planted trees, to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer. <br />