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ORDINANCE NO. 1653 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />DESIGNATING A STRUCTURE AS HISTORICALLY AND CULTURALLY SIGNIFICANT <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does ordain as follows: <br />SECTION I <br />The following structure is hereby designated historically and culturally <br />significant: <br />HD -84 -3 Thrash House <br />367 Los Gatos Boulevard <br />A detailed description of the designated structure, the characteristics <br />which ,justify designation, and a map showing the location and delineation of the <br />historic structure, are part of this ordinance. <br />SECTION II <br />The property listed is designated to be of historic, architectural, or <br />aesthetic significance for the reasons listed below: <br />A. Property: Thrash House, 367 Los Gatos Boulevard <br />B. Historic Designation No.: HD -84 -3 <br />C. Description of Designation: Structure <br />D. Description of Characteristics which Justify Designation: <br />This wooden structure, with its low pyramidal roof and overhanging <br />eaves is modestly Itallante in style. It combines details from a <br />variety of sources including shingle and Victorian styles and is best <br />described as "eclectic." Its value lies not in its representation of <br />any particular historical style. Rather, the axiality of the building <br />mass and the landscaping with its two stately Palm trees, maintains an <br />image of grandness reminiscent of a time when large homes lined the <br />street. Preservation status should be considered because this is one <br />of only a few surviving structures representative of the character of <br />Los Gatos Boulevard as it existed in the early part of this century. <br />