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czar t i n n A <br />Section 11.30.030 of Chapter 11 of the Town Code is hereby amended to <br />read as follows: <br />Sec. 11.30.050. Specific nighttime limit exceptions. <br />Following are specific nighttime noise limit exceptions: <br />(1) Residential air conditioners., add 5 dBA to night- <br />time standards (This provision is effective only until <br />December 31, 1985. ) ; <br />(2) Publicly owned motor sweepers; <br />(3) Garbage trucks operating in nonresidential zones; <br />(4) Garbage trucks operating after six a.m. in residen- <br />tial zones; <br />(5) Privately owned motor sweepers operating in non- <br />residential zones, after six a.m., not making noise louder <br />than eighty dBA measured twenty -five feet from the source; <br />(6) Events on public school grounds, before eleven p.m., <br />which are part of a public school',s general program and are <br />approved by the governing board or administration of the school; <br />(7) Civic events, including charitable events conducted <br />by private organizations, when the town council has given its <br />permission and has set noise and time limits for the event; <br />(8) In public parks and town buildings, private events <br />with the approval of a town commission, board, or official, <br />when the approval sets noise and time limits for the event and <br />is granted under authority delegated by ordinance or town council <br />resolution. <br />SArtinn N_ <br />Section 11.30.060 of Chapter 11 of the Town Code is hereby amended to <br />read as follows: <br />Sec. 11.30.060. <br />Specific daytime noise limit exceptions. <br />Following are the specific daytime noise limit exceptions: <br />(1) Gardening and yard maintenance equipment, limited to <br />eighty dBA, measured fifty feet from the source; <br />tion; <br />(2) Home power tools other than those listed in this sec- <br />-2- <br />