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ORDINANCE NO. 1715 <br />AN URGENCY INTERIM ZONING ORDINANCE REESTABLISHING THE <br />DURATION OF NONCONFORMING STATUS FOR PROPERTIES <br />IN THE CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT AS LISTED IN <br />SECTION 3.50.050 OF THE LOS GATTOS ZONING ORDINANCE <br />FOR USES IN THE CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT THAT <br />ARE NONCONFORMING AS TO PARKING <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF LOS GATOS HEREBY ORDAINS: <br />SECTION I. <br />Pursuant to Government Code Section 65858(c), the Council hereby finds <br />that there is a current and immediate threat to the public health, safety, and <br />welfare, and that al Business <br />District that are nonconforming as to parking pursuant to Section 3.50.050 of the <br />Los Gatos Zoning Ordinance would result in a threat to public health, safety and <br />welfare, as follows: <br />a. The Parking Commission and Planning Commission have recommended an <br />Assessment District as part of a Parking Program. The Town Council <br />is currently considering the formation of a Parking District which <br />requires amendments to the General Plan and Zoning`Ordinance. It <br />is considered premature to require compliance with the parking <br />requirements established in Section 3.41.020 until such time as the <br />Town Council has completed the discussion regarding the Assessment <br />District and the aforementioned amendments. <br />b. A reduction in tax receipts would occur due to increased vacancies <br />which would create a fiscal impact to the Town resulting in a <br />decrease in Town services. Delapidated store fronts as well as <br />derelict buildings will contribute to increased vacancy rates and <br />decreased property values. The Downtown Area consists of many uses <br />nonconforming as to parking and these uses are considered a major <br />source of revenue, are a major focal point of the community and <br />include many buildings that have been designated as historic <br />landmarks. <br />