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ORDINANCE NO. 1501 <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 35 OF THE TOWN CODE <br />RELATING TO THE STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS <br />The Town Council of Los Gatos hereby ORDAINS: <br />C,PrTTnm T <br />Chapter 35 of the Town Code is hereby amended, as follows: <br />"CHAPTER 35 <br />STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS <br />Article I <br />Sec. 35.010.005 <br />Purpose. <br />General Provisions <br />The purpose of this chapter is the protection of health, life, resources, <br />and property through prevention and control of unauthorized discharges of <br />hazardous materials. <br />Sec. 35.010.010 General Obligation — Safety and Care <br />(a) No person, firm or corporation shall cause, suffer, or permit the <br />storage of hazardous materials: <br />(1) In a manner which violates a provision of this chapter or any <br />other local, federal, or state statute, code, rule, or <br />regulation relating to hazardous materials; or <br />(2) In a manner which causes an unauthorized discharge of hazardous <br />materials or poses a significant risk of such unauthorized <br />discharge. <br />(b) The Enforcing Officer shall have the discretion to exempt an <br />applicant from any specific requirements of this Chapter, other than the <br />requirement for secondary containment in underground storage facilities, except <br />as provided in Section 35.030.010(c)(4), or to require applicant to meet <br />additional or modified requirements, where such action would be appropriate and <br />consistent with achieving the general obligation of this Chapter for protecting <br />public health, safety, and welfare. <br />Sec. 35.010.015 Specific Obligation <br />(a) Any person, firm, or corporation which stores any material regulated <br />by Section 35.020.005 which is riot excluded by Section 35.020.010 shall obtain <br />and keep current a Hazardous Materials Storage Permit. <br />(b) All such hazardous materials shall be contained in conformity with <br />Article III of this Chapter. <br />(c) The storage of such hazardous materials shall be in conformance with <br />the approved Hazardous Materials Management Plan. <br />