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ORDINANCE NO. 1511 <br />ORDINANCE ADDING ARTICLE IV TO CHAPTER 12 <br />"FIRE PROTECTION ", REQUIRING SMOKE DETECTORS <br />IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS HEREBY ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. <br />Article IV of Chapter 12 of the Town Code is hereby enacted as follows: <br />ARTICLE IV. <br />SMOKE DETECTORS IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS <br />Sec. 12.04.010. Requirements <br />The owner of every dwelling unit including single-,family dwellings, <br />mobilehomes, rnultiple -,family dwellings, and every sleeping room in a residential <br />care home, hotel or lodging house shall provide and maintain smoke detectors as <br />set forth herein. Said smoke detectors shall conform to the requirements of the <br />Uniform Building Code edition in effect on the date of installation. This <br />Article shall apply to dwelling units in residential structures as of the date <br />of adoption of this Article. The requirements for fire detection systems in new <br />construction shall be governed by Section 7.02.010 of this code. <br />Sec. 12.04.015. Installation <br />The detector(s) shall be mounted on the ceiling or wall at a point <br />substantially centrally located in the corridor or area giving access to rooms <br />used for sleeping purposes. Where sleeping rooms are on an,upper level, a <br />detector shall be placed at the center of the ceiling directly above the upper <br />landing of the stairway. Within each and every efficiency dwelling unit or <br />sleeping room or suite of a hotel or lodging house, a detector shall be located <br />on the ceiling of the sleeping room or the ceiling of the main room of the <br />efficiency unit or suite. <br />Each such detector shall be located in accordance with approved manuf acv <br />turer's instructions. Care shall be exercised to ensure that the installation <br />does not interfere in any way with the operating characteristics of the <br />detector. When activated, the detector shall provide an audible alarm in the <br />dwelling unit. Each such detector shall either receive its primary power from <br />the building wiring or be battery operated. <br />Sec. 12.04.020. Maintenance. <br />A. Single -,Family, Duplex Dwellings and Mobilehomes. <br />The owner of any single -,family, duplex dwelling or mobilehome shall have <br />the obligation to ensure that smoke detectors installed as required by this <br />Article are maintained in proper working order at all times during which said <br />owner in possession of the dwelling unit and at the time said owner offers to <br />rent, lease or let for use such dwelling unit to any other person. Thereafter, <br />any person or persons to whom said dwelling is rented, leased or let shall be <br />required to maintain said smoke detector(s) in proper working order. <br />