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Way adjacent to Plaza Park between West Main Street and Broadway, the west red <br />curb area on Wilder Avenue south of Bachman Avenue, and any other area as <br />approved by the Council for "special events ". <br />"Driver" shall mean the person responsible for driving or control of the horse - <br />drawn vehicle. <br />"For Hire" shall mean any use of a horse -drawn vehicle for which any <br />consideration is paid by any person. <br />"Horse" shall mean any animal of the genus equus, mule or other animal. <br />"Horse -drawn Vehicle" shall include any wagon, coach, omnibus, or any <br />vehicle which is powered in whole or in part by a horse. <br />"Operator" shall mean an individual, partnership, corporation, association <br />or other legal entity. <br />"Special Event" shall mean an activity of general community -wide interest held <br />within the limits of the Town and open to the public. The applicant for a "special <br />event" Operating Permit shall be a non - profit organization, church, school or other <br />public entity. While the Council has the authority to specify the time frame of a <br />special event, it is generally intended that no special event exceed thirty (30) days. <br />"Veterinarian" shall mean a licensed equine practitioner in the State of <br />California. <br />"Work" shall mean when a horse is out of its stable or other living quarters <br />and presented to the public as being available for use with any "horse -drawn vehicle ", <br />when it is in harness, or when it is pulling a "horse -drawn vehicle ". <br />Sec. 29 -50 Permits Required <br />(a) No person shall operate or cause to be operated a horse -drawn vehicle <br />for hire within the Town of Los Gatos without first obtaining an operating permit <br />issued as provided by this Article. <br />(b) No person shall drive a horse -drawn vehicle for hire within the Town <br />of Los Gatos without first obtaining a driver's permit as provided by this Article. <br />2 <br />