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(2) A junk yard must cease 90 days from the date it becomes nonconforming. <br />(3) Where there are improvements on land, but of a type for which no Building <br />Permit would currently be required, the nonconforming use must cease <br />three years from the date the use becomes nonconforming. <br />(4) Where the land is improved with one or more structures of a type for which <br />a Building Permit would currently be required and the structure(s) are <br />utilized in connection with the nonconforming use, the authorized period of <br />duration of the nonconforming use is 20 years from March 23, 1966 or 20 <br />years from the date the use became nonconforming, whichever is later. <br />(5) Commencing in 1982, where a Zoning Amendment is adopted which causes <br />a use to be nonconforming solely by subjecting it to the requirement of <br />obtaining a Conditional Use Permit, all uses affected by the Amendment <br />must apply for a Use Permit within sixty days (60) after the Amendment <br />becomes effective. Failure to make such application shall render the subject <br />use immediately unlawful. <br />In making its decision on an application for a Conditional Use Permit made <br />hereunder, the Commission shall, as one of the conditions of the permit, <br />establish an amortization period, based on a reasonable accommodation <br />between the public gains to be derived from a speedy removal of the <br />nonconforming use and the private loss which removal of the use would <br />entail. (Added by Ord. 1532, 4- 20 -82) <br />If any period of authorized duration is held by a court to be too short and therefore <br />unconstitutional on its face or as applied, the period of duration shall be extended to <br />such time as the court determines is lawful. <br />PL01 \Cnc1rpts \4 -16 #5 2 <br />