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ORDINANCE 2100 <br />ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS AMENDING <br />THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN CODE REGARDING <br />SECTION 29.40.025 AND 29.20.480 <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS ORDAINS: <br />SECTION I <br />Town Code Chapter 29, Section 29.40.025 is amended to read as follows: <br />Section 29.40.025. Court game areas. <br />Tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton and similar court game areas may be located anywhere <br />on the lot except in the required front yard or side yard abutting the street. Fences over six (6) feet high <br />are allowed to enclose court game areas when approved through the Administrative Procedure for Minor <br />Residential Projects. Lighting for court game areas is prohibited unless approved through the <br />Administrative Procedure for Minor Residential Projects and unless it is in compliance with the <br />following standards to the satisfaction of the Planning Director: <br />(1) Game court lighting shall incorporate cut -off fixtures and lighting shall be shielded and <br />directed onto the court. <br />(2) Lighting for game court areas shall not be used after 10:00 p.m. <br />(3) Lighting in the Hillside Areas is prohibited. Hillside areas are defined by the Hillside <br />Area Map in the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines. <br />SECTION II <br />Town Code Chapter 29, Section 29.20.480 is amended to read as follows: <br />Section 29.20.480. Administrative procedure for minor residential projects. <br />(2) In addition to the projects identified in subsections 29.20.745(12) and (15), the following <br />projects will be considered under this administrative procedure. <br />(a) New second -story additions to single and two - family dwellings. <br />(b) Additions to an existing second story where the additional area will exceed 100 square <br />feet. <br />(c) Reconstruction to a portion of a single or two - family dwelling with a nonconforming <br />setback. <br />(d) Accessory structures exceeding 450 square feet. <br />(e) Additions to accessory structures resulting in the structure containing more than 450 <br />square feet. <br />