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ORDINANCE 1917 <br />ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS REGARDING RENT <br />INCREASES AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN MOBILE HOME PARKS AND <br />AMENDING THE TOWN'S RENTAL DISPUTE MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION <br />ORDINANCE TO EXCLUDE NON -PARK OWNED MOBILE HOMES <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does hereby ordain: <br />SECTION I <br />Article VIII.V is hereby added to Chapter 14 to read as follows: <br />ARTICLE VIII.V MOBILE HOME RENTAL AND OTHER TENANT/ <br />LANDLORD DISPUTES <br />Division 1. Generally <br />Section 14.85.010. Title. <br />This article shall be cited as the Mobile Home Ordinance. <br />Section 14.85.015. Purpose and Findings. <br />(a) Mobile home tenants, unlike apartment tenants or residents of other rental <br />stock, are in the unique position of having made a substantial investment in a residence for <br />which space is rented or leased. Removal and /or relocation of a mobile home from a park <br />space is not a practical alternative to accepting an excessive rent increase in that it can only <br />be accomplished at substantial cost, and in many instances may cause extensive damage to <br />the mobile home and loss of appurtenances such as integrated landscaping and supporting <br />structures inconsistent with the new location. Because mobile homes are often owned by <br />senior citizens, persons on fixed incomes, and persons of low and moderate income, <br />exorbitant rent increases fall upon these individuals with particular harshness. <br />(b) The Town Council declares that it is now necessary in the public interest to <br />establish a means by which to resolve the occasionally divisive and harmful impasse <br />between park owners and mobile home tenants. After consideration of numerous factors, <br />including the mandates of state law, regulations which best fit the needs of the Town have <br />been selected. <br />(c) Rent control regulations are consistent with the Town's policy to encourage <br />a variety of housing types, prices and densities within the community, respond to the need <br />