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ORDINANCE 2120 (ATTACHED) <br />DOCUMENT: 17444059 <br />RECORDED AT THE REQUEST OF: <br />THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: <br />Town of Los Gatos <br />Civic Center, 110 E. Main Street <br />Los Gatos, CA 95031 <br />Attention: Marty Woodworth <br />1111111111111111111111111111 <br />Pages: 12 <br />Fees.... No Fees <br />Taxes . <br />Copies.. <br />AMT PAID <br />BRENDA DAVIS <br />SANTA CLARA COUNTY RECORDER <br />Recorded at the request of <br />Recording Service <br />STATEMENT OF INSTITUTION OF REDEVELOPMENT PLAN AMENDMENT <br />RDE 0 011 <br />10/28/2003 <br />2:09 PM <br />PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Second Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for the <br />Central Los Gatos Redevelopment Project Area (the "Plan Amendment ") (attached hereto as <br />Attachment A ) has been adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos (the "Town <br />Council') pursuant to California Community Redevelopment Law, Health and Safety Code <br />Sections 333000 et sec ., and Ordinance No. 2120 adopted on October 20, 2003 (attached hereto <br />as Attachment B ). <br />Please note that the Plan Amendment amends the original Redevelopment Plan for the <br />Central Los Gatos Redevelopment Project Area adopted by Town Council Ordinance No. 1882, <br />dated November 25, 1991, and as amended by Ordinance No. 1992, dated December 5, 1994, <br />and does not modify the Project Area boundaries as established in the original Plan. <br />The Project Area, which is the subject of the Plan Amendment, is situated in the Town of <br />Los Gatos, County of Santa Clara, State of California, and is more particularly described on <br />Exhibit A attached to Statement of Institution of Redevelopment Proceedings recorded in Book <br />L955 at page 1734 on December 5, 1991 with the County Recorder of the County of Santa Clara. <br />33456. <br />This Statement is made and filed pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 33373 and <br />Dated: October 21, 2003 <br />Redevelopment Agency of the Town of Los Gatos <br />Marty odworth <br />Redevelopment Manager <br />OFFICE OF THE, TOW'S <br />AGR <br />THH <br />ORD <br />REC CL3 I2L <br />% 1 ESO <br />1151 \01 \173023.1 <br />