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(f) The Council finds that the adoption of the ordinance codified in this article will not have a <br />significant, substantial or adverse effect on the physical environment of the community because <br />enactment of this article involves no deviation from the general plan and no change in the present <br />use of any property within the Town. <br />Sec. 14.85.020. Definitions. <br />For the purposes of this article, unless otherwise apparent from the context, certain words and phrases <br />used in this article are defined as follows: <br />(a) Arbitrator. An individual designated by the Town's agent to conduct the arbitration hearing and <br />arbitration pre- hearing procedures of this article. <br />(b) Affected tenants. All mobile home tenants in a mobile home park who have been notified by the <br />park owner that a rent increase is to become effective during the following calendar year, or <br />who experience a service reduction. <br />(c) Capital improvements. The installation of new improvements and facilities or the replacement <br />or reconstruction of existing improvements and facilities which consist of more than ordinary <br />maintenance or repairs. <br />(d) Consumer price index (CPI). The consumer price index for all urban consumers for the San <br />Francisco /Oakland /San Jose Area (all items) index (1967 equals 100) as reported by the U.S. <br />Bureau of Labor Statistics. <br />(e) CPI rent increase. An annual rent increase equal to the amount of increase in the CPI in the <br />previous twelve (12) months up to five (5) percent, and not less than three (3) percent. <br />(f) Housing services. Those services provided and associated with the use or occupancy of amobile <br />home space, including but not limited to repairs, insurance, maintenance, replacement, painting, <br />light, heat, water, laundry facilities and privileges, refuse removal, parking, recreation facilities, <br />security service and any other benefits, privileges or facilities. <br />(g) Mediator. An individual designated by the Town's agent to conduct the mediation procedures <br />set forth in this article. <br />(h) Mobile home. A structure designed for human habitation which is transportable in one or more <br />sections along a street or highway, commonly referred to as a mobile home. This definition <br />includes manufactured homes when located on a mobile home space. <br />(i) Mobile home owner or tenant. Any person owning a mobile home who has a tenancy or right <br />of use or occupancy of a mobile home space in a mobile home park. <br />(j) Mobile home park. An area of land where two (2) or more mobile home spaces are rented, or <br />held out for rent, or made available for use, to accommodate mobile homes used for human <br />habitation. <br />(k) Mobile home space or space. The site within a mobile home park intended, designed, or used <br />for the location or accommodation of a mobile home and any accessory structures or <br />Page 2 of 21 <br />