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11. ACCESSORY STRUCTURES. One open -style accessory or garden structure may be <br />allowed per lot (examples; gazebo, arbor, trellis). Accessory structures higher than 6 feet <br />shall be set back a minimum of three feet from side and rear property lines. Accessory <br />structures are not allowed in front yards. <br />12. OUTDOOR LIGHTING. All exterior building and outdoor lighting shall be shielded and <br />directed away from neighboring properties, to shine on the project site only. Lighting shall <br />be the minimum needed for pedestrian safety and security. Lighting specifications shall be <br />reviewed as part of the Architecture and Site process. <br />13. *BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES MITIGATION MEASURE -1. The applicant shall <br />implement recommendations made by the Arbor Resources report dated May 17, 2011. <br />Recommendations are listed under Section 5.0, and include Design Guidelines for tree <br />protection and replacement, soil disturbance, trenching, and landscape design, and Protection <br />Measures during Grading and Construction, including recommendations for tree protection <br />fencing, removal of hardscape, work within tree canopies, etc. <br />14. TREE REMOVAL PERMIT. A Tree Removal Permit shall be obtained for trees approved <br />for removal prior to the issuance of demolition permits. <br />15. REPLACEMENT TREES. New trees shall be planted to mitigate the loss of trees being <br />removed. The number of trees shall be determined using the canopy replacement table in the <br />Tree Protection Ordinance. New trees shall be double staked and shall be planted prior to <br />final inspection and issuance of occupancy permits. <br />16. TREE FENCING. Protective tree fencing shall be placed at the drip line of existing trees and <br />shall remain through all phases of construction. Fencing shall be six foot high cyclone <br />attached to two -inch diameter steel posts drive 18 inches into the ground and spaced no <br />further than 10 feet apart. Include a tree protection fencing plan with the construction plans. <br />17. RECYCLING. All wood, metal, glass and aluminum materials generated from demolition <br />work shall be deposited to a company which will recycle the materials. Receipts from the <br />company(s) accepting these materials, noting type and weight of material, shall be submitted <br />to the Town prior to the demolition inspection. <br />Page 4 of 27 <br />