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3. ARCHITECTURE AND SITE APPROVAL REQUIRED. A separate Architecture and Site <br />(A &S) application and approval is required for each of the new residences. Architectural <br />details, including fencing and a project entry sign, shall be refined as part of this process with <br />input from the Town's Consulting Architect. The Architecture and Site applications shall be <br />reviewed by the Planning Commission. <br />4. BELOW MARKET PRICE (BMP) UNITS. The developer shall provide two (2) BMP units, <br />one within the project and one to be located off -site, within the Town limits. The off -site <br />unit shall be approved by the Town Council prior to issuance of any building permits. The <br />on -site BMP unit will be sold to a moderate income recipient and the off- -site BMP unit will <br />be sold to a low income recipient. <br />5. DEED RESTRICTION. A deed restriction shall be recorded prior to the issuance of any <br />building permits, stating that the BMP residences must be purchased and maintained as <br />below market price units pursuant to the Town's BMP Ordinance and requirements. The <br />developer shall enter into a Below Market Price Agreement with the Town prior to issuance <br />of building permits. <br />6. FINAL LANDSCAPE PLAN. A final landscape plan shall be reviewed by the Town's <br />Consulting Landscape Architect and approved as part of the Architecture and Site process. <br />Minimum tree size at time of planting shall be 24 -inch box. <br />7. WATER CONSERVATION ORDINANCE REQUIREMENT. The proposed landscaping <br />shall meet the Town of Los Gatos Water Conservation Ordinance or the State Water <br />Efficient Landscape Ordinance, whichever is more restrictive. A review fee based on the <br />current fee schedule adopted by the Town Council is required when working landscape and <br />irrigation plans are submitted for review prior to the issuance of a building permit. <br />8. SETBACKS. The minimum setbacks are those specified by the CH zoning district or as <br />otherwise shown on the Conceptual Development Plans. <br />9. BUILDING HEIGHT. The maximum height of the new residences shall be 30 feet. The <br />maximum height for detached garages shall be 15 feet. Carriage style garages on lots 2, 4, 5 <br />and 7 shall not exceed 21 feet. <br />10. HOUSING SIZE. No additional square footage shall be permitted for any of the units. <br />Page 3 of 27 <br />