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SECTION III <br />COMPLIANCE WITH OTHER DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS <br />All provisions of the Town Code apply, except when the Official Development Plan <br />specifically shows otherwise. <br />SECTION IV <br />Architecture and Site Approval is required before construction work for the new apartments, <br />fitness and leasing centers, whether or not a permit is required for the work and before any permit for <br />construction is issued. Construction permits shall only be in a manner complying with Section <br />29.80.130 of the Town Code. <br />SECTION V <br />The attached Exhibit A (Map), and Exhibit B (Official Development Plans), are part of the <br />Official Development Plan. The following performance standards must be complied with before <br />issuance of any grading, or construction permits (mitigation measures are so noted and are flagged <br />with an asterisk); <br />TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT; <br />Planning Division <br />1. OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS. The Official Development Plans provided are <br />conceptual in nature. Final building footprints and building designs shall be determined <br />during the Architecture and Site approval process. Colors and building materials shown on <br />the Official Development Plan are not approved and shall be reviewed during the <br />Architecture and Site approval process. <br />2. TOWN INDEMNITY. Applicants are notified that Town Code Section 1.10.115 requires <br />that any applicant who receives a permit or entitlement from the Town shall defend, <br />indemnify, and hold harmless the Town and its officials in any action brought by a third parry <br />to overturn, set aside, or void the permit or entitlement. This requirement is a condition of <br />approval of all such permits and entitlements whether or not expressly set forth in the <br />approval, and may be secured to the satisfaction of the Town Attorney, <br />Page 2 of 27 <br />