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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: 16221 Shannon Road /HD -10 -03 <br />November 17, 2010 <br />The main Queen Anne style house was constructed in 1889. The house retains all the original <br />details; only the foundation and roofing have been updated. <br />DISCUSSION <br />A. Project Summary <br />The application is to rezone the R -1:8 property, located at 16221 Shannon Road, to R- <br />1:8:LHP in order to more actively preserve the site with all its historic structures. Please see <br />the analysis section in Attachment 3 for justification of the LHP Overlay. <br />B. Historic Preservation Committee <br />On January 6, 2010, the HPC recommended the Planning Commission initiate the rezoning <br />of 16221 Shannon Road to designate the property with an Historic Overlay (LHP). The draft <br />Ordinance (Exhibit 6 of Attaclunent 3) was reviewed by HPC and recommended for approval <br />on October 27, 2010. <br />C. P1aiming Commission <br />On September 22, 2010, the Planning Commission adopted a resolution to initiate the historic <br />designation of the site (Exhibit 6 of Attachment 3). On November 10, 2010, the Planning <br />Commission reviewed and recommended approval of the draft: Ordinance as a consent item <br />(Attachment 4). The Planning Commission applauded the property owners for coming <br />forward with the request to protect and maintain a piece of the Town's history and character. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Based on the language in the General Plan, and the recommendations from the Historic <br />Preservation Committee and Planning Commission, staff recommends Town Council approve <br />the zone change application for the Historic Preservation Overlay. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT <br />This project is expemt from CEQA pursuant to Section 15601(b)(3) of the State Environmental <br />Guidelines as adopted by the Town. The activity is covered by the general rule that CEQA <br />applies only to projects which have the potential for causing significant effect on the <br />environment. It can be seen clearly that since no improvements or changes are proposed, the <br />activity cam7ot have a significant impact on the enviroiunent, and is therefore not subject to <br />CEQA. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />None <br />