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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL /CHAIR AND MEMBERS OF THE REDEVELOPMENT <br />AGENCY <br />SUBJECT: RESCIND RESOLUTION NO. 1987 -112 AND ADOPT TOWN COUNCIL <br />AND BOARD MEMBER EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT POLICY <br />December 2, 2010 <br />Committee refined the original draft policy to the attached final policy recommended for Council <br />consideration (Attachment 2). <br />This policy applies to the Mayor and members of the Town Council and members of the Town's <br />boards and commissions. A separate and similar policy applicable to Town employees will be <br />approved by the Town Manager as an administrative action, <br />The policy is consistent with AB 1234 requirements, updates provisions to reflect current aspects <br />of travel (e.g., mileage and per diem rates, Internet costs, etc), and clarifies the types of activities <br />for which reimbursements are authorized. A new provision in the recommended policy is the <br />requirement for reporting to the governing board following travel and /or expenditures for which <br />the official is reimbursed. This will require the official to briefly report on meetings, <br />conferences, or other events that were attended at the Town's expense. <br />Town Council Expense Budget and Allocation Approach <br />The Committee also requested information about the Council's budget for meetings, events, <br />training and travel, and also requested to discuss alternatives for allocation of funds for Council - <br />related expenditures. The relative portion of the Council's budget for FY 2010/11 is as follows: <br />Meetings and events $3,500.00 <br />Travel and training $6,200.00 <br />With regard to "meetings and events, this account is used to cover expenses related to Council <br />meetings, receptions, retreats and similar activities. Typically, more than half of these fiends are <br />expended for the entire or official Council purposes (including participation in events related to <br />official committee appointments, such as the Cities Association), with the remaining funds <br />expended for individual Council member authorized activities. With regard to "travel and <br />training," the majority of this appropriation is typically expended for attendance at League of <br />California Cities activities, some of which are associated with League committee participation. <br />To ensure sufficient funding for full - Council events, activities associated with official <br />appointments, and equitable- access for authorized individual Council activities, staff <br />recommends that these issues be addressed as part of the annual budget development process. At <br />that time, staff will identify the amount of funds required for meetings, events, training and travel <br />for the entire Council and official appointment purposes. <br />In addition, staff will recommend an amount that to be allocated among Council members for <br />authorized individual activities. This recommended allocation will identify a larger proportion <br />for the current Mayor (or Mayoral activities in the event the Vice Mayor or Council member <br />substitutes for the Mayor) in recognition of the greater number of activities in which the Mayor <br />