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16. Article VI, Section 2, (a). Update of the Santa Clara County /City Managers' Association <br />correct name. <br />17. Article VI, Section 3, (b). Revise Other Committees formed by the President with approval <br />of the Board to include only elected individuals of any member City. <br />18. Article «, Section 4. Add Section 4. Amend section to include quorum requirements for <br />the City Selection Committee. [Note from Attorney: 1) Government Code 50272 states <br />that it is a majority of the number of cities within a county entitled to representation on the <br />CSC. There are 15 cities in SCC, thus a majority would be 8.] <br />19. Article VII, Section 2. Update of Dues policies to current practices and policies voted on by <br />the Board. <br />20. Article VII, Section 3. Update of Funds policies to reflect current practices and adopted <br />policies voted on by die Board. <br />21. Article VII, Section 4. Update of Accounting policies to reflect current practices and <br />adopted policies voted on by the Board. <br />22. Delete notes to the bylaws from former member Barbara Nesbet. <br />The Board of Directors request that Member Jurisdictions review the Bylaws revisions for approval <br />by December 2010. Thus, it would be appreciated if you can place this as an item on your agenda at <br />a future Council Meeting in November. If you would like me or members of the Bylaws Review <br />Subcommittee to attend this meeting, please let me know in advance. <br />If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. <br />Thank you for your support, <br />AT <br />Raania Mohsen <br />Fxecutive Director <br />Santa Clara County Cities Association <br />505 West Olive Avenue, Suite 749 <br />Sunnyvale, CA 94086 <br />(408) 730 -7770 <br />(408) 398 -3025 cell <br />mania mohsen LLsccca gov <br />