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:A S A'CLARA;C,OUrITY ` <br />TO: MrMBERJURISDICTIONS <br />FROM: RAANIA MOHSEN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR <br />SUBJECT: CITIES ASSOCIATION BYLAWS AMENDMENTS FOR APPROVAL <br />DATE: 10/22/2010 <br />CC: BYLAWS REVIEW COMMITTEE (AL PINHEIRO, DAVID CASAS, DON PERRY, STEVE TATE) <br />JOLIE HOUSTON, ATTORNEY, BERLINER <br />The Bylaws Review Committee has made amendments /suggested revisions to the Cities Association <br />Bylaws. These recommendations are based on initial recommendations presented at the June Board <br />Meeting and feedback received thereafter from Board Members since that presentation. The <br />revisions have been thoroughly reviewed by Jolie Houston, Attorney and retained counsel by the <br />Cities Association, to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. On October 14, 2010, the <br />Board approved the Bylaws as amended and agreed to forward the revisions to member jurisdictions <br />for approval. Thus, on behalf of the Board, I am requesting review and approval of the Bylaws as <br />amended from all Member Junsdictions. <br />To su mmariz e, the suggested amendments include: <br />a) language revisions; " <br />b) correction of facts; <br />c) name change of the "Santa Clara County Cities Association" to the "Cities Association of <br />Santa Clara County;" <br />d) updates to reflect current adopted policies and government code, e.g. The Brown Act; and <br />e) addition of an es- officio member to the Board of Directors from the SCC Board of <br />Supervisors. <br />For a better understanding of the recommended changes and context, please refer to the "red- lined" <br />bylaws attached to this memo and the amendments /revised items listed below. <br />1. Delete Preamble. <br />2. Article I, Section 1. Change name of the organization from "Santa Clara County Cities <br />Association" to the "Cities Association of Santa Clara County." This name change has been <br />suggested to resolve common confusion of the Cities Association being a "county" <br />organization. <br />3. Article I, Section 1. Removal of all language associating the Cities Association as a °Section" <br />of the League of California Cities Peninsula Division. According to the LCC and its bylaws, <br />the Cities Association is not a section of the League. If it were true, then the Cities <br />ATTACHMENT 1 <br />