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PAGE 2 <br />OCTOBER 19, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 09 -12 —FY 2009 /10 RETAINING WALL REPLACEMENT <br />PROJECT AT CLELAND AVENUE 411- 815 -9930 <br />DISCUSSION: (cont'd) <br />This project constructed a retaining wall along a section of Cleland Avenue above Pageant <br />Grounds. The hillside in this area was unstable and causing road failures. The new retaining wall <br />supports the roadway and stabilizes the embankment. A new guard rail was installed along the <br />road to enhance public safety for all vehicles driving on Cleland Avenue in this section. <br />Ten percent of the faithful performance bond will remain in effect for a period of two years to <br />guarantee any needed repair and /or replacement caused by defective materials and workmanship. <br />The execution and recordation of the Certificate of Acceptance is now required to finalize the <br />Town's acceptance of the project. <br />CONCLUSION <br />Staff recommends that the Town Council authorize the Town Manager to executive a Certificate <br />of Acceptance and Notice of Completion accepting the work of RPG Engineering Construction <br />Company and authorize recording by the Clerk Administrator. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT <br />This is a project as defined under CEQA but is Categorically Exempt (Section 15301c). A Notice <br />of Exemption will not be filed. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />The original contract approved by the Town Council for RP Engineering Construction Company <br />was $131,577, with a contingency budget of $20,000. The project was completed for $147,764, <br />which is below the project budget. <br />RETAINING WALL REPLACEMENT - CLELAND AVENUE <br />PROJECT 411- 815 -9930' <br />Available <br />Expended/ <br />Budget <br />Encumbered <br />Available,. ` <br />FY2010 /11 Fiscal Impact <br />Funding <br />To Date <br />- ,,Balance <br />411- 815 -9930 <br />$ 745,684 <br />$ <br />153,757 <br />$ 5,91,927 <br />TOTALS <br />$ 745,684 <br />$ <br />153,757 <br />$ 591,927 <br />TOTAL EXPIND1TUF,ES BY CATFGGORY: <br />Construction Contract <br />$ <br />147,764 <br />Design Services <br />5,993 <br />TOTALS <br />$ <br />153,757 <br />