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b. Appoint applicants to fill the vacant positions on Town Boards, <br />Commissions, -and Committees <br />Arts and Culture Commission <br />• Lou Bermingham and Tom Spilsbury were appointed to the Arts and <br />Culture Commission. <br />Community Services Commission <br />• Toni Blackstock was re- appointed to the Community Services <br />Commission. <br />Community Services Commission: Student Member <br />• Nikhita lyar was re- appointed to the Community Services Commission as <br />a student member. <br />Historic Preservation Committee <br />• Robert Cowan was re- appointed and Kathryn Janoff was appointed to <br />the Historic Preservation Committee. <br />Library Board <br />• There were no applications for the Library Board. <br />Parks Commission <br />• Rob Rennie was appointed to the Parks Commission. <br />Parks Commission: Student Member <br />• Abigail Dunlay.and Jordan Haserot were appointed to the Parks <br />Commission as student members. <br />Personnel Board <br />• Susan Kettmann was appointed to the Personnel Board. <br />Rent Advisory Committee <br />• There were no applications for the Rent Advisory Committee. <br />Transportation and Parking <br />• There were no appointments to the Transportation and Parking <br />Commission. <br />Planning Commission <br />• Jane Ogle was appointed and Marico Sayoc was re- appointed to the <br />Planning Commission. <br />Council Discussions <br />• Council directed the Jackie Rose, Clerk Administrator to re- advertise for <br />all vacant positions. <br />ADJOURNMENT - Meeting adjourned at 7:48 P.M. <br />Attest: <br />Jackie D. Rose, Clerk Administrator <br />Page 2 <br />