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PAGE <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: 2020 General Plan Human Services Element <br />October 27, 2010 <br />ANALYSIS <br />Town staff has reviewed the suggested modifications submitted by the Mayor and others, as well <br />as other potential changes and opportunities. The most substantive of these changes address the <br />following issues: <br />• Fostering the health and well -being of Los Gatos <br />• Strengthening and clarifying desirable youth services and programs, including civic <br />engagement <br />• Strengthening and clarifying desirable senior services and programs, including senior <br />housing, social engagement and safety <br />• Strengthening and clarifying desirable artistic and cultural opportunities, including the <br />literary arts, performing arts facilities, and artistic collaborations and partnerships. <br />Staff concurs with all of the recommended changes as incorporated in the attached documents. <br />The first document is a next -to -final draft including all prior and new modifications, except for <br />final formatting, numbering and technical edits. The second document is a "red- line" version <br />showing both previously recommended modifications as well as the new recommended changes. <br />The final document provides the recommended addition of two additional goals and associated <br />policies which could not be included in the other documents without extensive re- numbering and <br />editing in advance prior to Council approval. <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS <br />At this time, the Town has not received any new public comments on the Human Services <br />Element. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW <br />None of the new edits and changes have any impact on the previously approved EIR. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: <br />Adoption of the Human Services Element does not require any specific budgetary changes or <br />fiscal impacts, but will inform future strategic priorities and budgetary decisions. <br />ATTACHMENTS: <br />1. Recommended 2020 General Plan Human Services Element, pending final Council <br />modifications, direction and incorporation of final edits, numbering and formatting. <br />2. Recommended 2020 General Plan Human Services Element in a "red- line" format. <br />3. Recommended addition of two goals and associated polices to the Human Services <br />Element. <br />