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P.=~GE 2 <br />~1:~1"OR A\D TO«~ COL\CIL <br />SUBJECT: 2007 - 2014 HOUSING 1=LE\'1E\T <br />October 1 ~. ?010 <br />:~\_~LI~S15: <br />Required Contents of the Hotlsin<~ Element and State Housing Law: The I-Iousing Element is <br />one of seven state-mandated elements of a General Plan. The Housing Element assesses housing <br />needs for all income groups and establishes a program to meet those needs. The goals of a <br />Housing Element are to: <br />• Increase the housing supply and the mix of housing types in an equitable manner. <br />• Promote iniill development. socioeconomic equity. and ln-oteet environmental resources. <br />• Promote an improved intraregional relationship between jobs and housing. <br />Unlike the other state-mandated General Plan elements, the Housing Element is subject to <br />detailed statutory requirements regarding its content and is subject to mandatory HCD revie«~ <br />and certification. The Housing Element must also be updated approximately e~~erv live }-ears. <br />unlike other General Plan elements, which are typically updated every 10 to 20 years. State law <br />requires that the Housing Element contain the follo~~~inQ information: <br />• .-~ revie~~~ of the goals, objectives, and policies of the current Housing Element. <br />• Current demographic, economic. and housing information for the To« n. <br />• .~~ quantificci housing needs assessment. <br />• :~nal~~sis of the constraints to providing housin`7 for all income l~~ cls. <br />• :~ discussion of opportunities for energy conservation in new housing developments. <br />• An inventory of assisted units at risk of conversion to market rate. <br />• An inventor} of residential land resources, including suitable sites for housiny~. homeless <br />shelters, and transitional housing. <br />• ~ set of housiny~ goals, policies. and programs. <br />• Quantified objectives for housing over the next live-year period. <br />• ~ description of diligent efforts towards participation by all economic groups in the update <br />process. <br />Pursuant to state ]a~~~. the Housing Element must specify potential housing sites and identify <br />policies and pro~~rams that ~~~ill help meet the Regional I-iousinU \eed Allocation (RH\:~). <br />«~hich is the '`fair share" of housingr for each jurisdiction in a particular region. The Rf i\.~~ <br />quantifies the need for housing within each jurisdiction during a specified planning period. <br />Conumunitics use the R1-1\.-~ in ]and use planning. prioritizing local resource allocation, and in <br />deciding ho~~~ to address identified existing and firture housing needs resultin~~ Ii•om population. <br />cmplo~~mcnt, and household ;growth. The RH\'A does not necessarily encourage or promote <br />gi'0~~'tll, but ratllel' x110\\"S CO1111mtlllltle5 t0 antlCipatC' y~l'O~\~tll. So that COlleCtl\ elf' the I'Cg1011 alld <br />subregion can grow in ways that enhance quality of life, improve access to jobs, promote <br />transportation mobility. and address social equity and fair share housing needs. <br />The .association of Bay Area Governments (.1B.-~G j determines the RH\.~ for Santa Clara <br />County and Los Gatos. :1BAG has dctenmincd that the total RH\_~ for the: 2007 - 2014 period <br />