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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: CONSULTING ARBORIST CONTRACT <br />Septenaber~ 28, 2010 <br />• Review of trees that are the subject of an appeal of a denied tree removal permit <br />• Review and update of the Tree Preservation Ordinance and the Hillside Development <br />Standards & Guidelines landscape and tree preservation criteria <br />• Inspection of tree protection fencing <br />• Conshuction monitoring <br />• Attendance at public hearings <br />Qualifications: <br />Deborah Ellis has been a consulting arborist and horticulturist since 1984. She has worked on a wide <br />variety of projects in the Santa Clara Valley and has served as a consulting arborist for a number of <br />local jurisdictions including the Cities ofMonte Sereno, Saratoga, and Cupertino, and the County of <br />Santa Clara. Ms. Ellis' qualifications include the following: <br />• Certified Professional Horticulturist <br />• Registered Consulting Arborist <br />• Board-certified Master Arborist <br />• California Agricultural Pest Control Advisor <br />• Education and experience to review both tree and landscape plans <br />• Outstanding arborist report quality and content <br />• Peer review experience <br />• Business location allows for easy access to proj ect sites and interface with Town staff, while <br />minimizing travel costs <br />FISCAL IMPACT: <br />Arborist plan review and peer review for development proposals are paid for by the project applicant. <br />The peer or development review deposit is $1500. The actual cost is based on the scope of work and <br />the consultant's fee schedule (see Exhibit A to Agreement; Attaclunent 1). An admirristrative fee of <br />10% is also charged by the Town. The purpose of the administrative fees is to reimburse the Town's <br />cost of adnninistering the peer review. <br />Future special projects such as an update of the Town's Tree Protection Ordinance will be forwarded <br />to the Council with a detailed proposal and budget. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Staff recommends that the Council adopt the resolution (Attachment 1) authorizing the Town <br />Manager to execute an agreement with Deborah Ellis to serve as a consulting arborist under the <br />supervision of the Director of Cormnurrity Development. <br />