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PAGE2 <br />SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: SANTA CLARA COUNTYWIDE BICYCLE PLAN <br />BACKGROUND (confd): <br />To be eligible for BTA funds, the Town must prepare and adopt a Bicycle Transportation Plan <br />(BTP) in accordance with the Streets and Highways Code Section 891.2. An alternative to <br />adopting a BTP is to adopt the CBP in order to meet the submittal requirements for BTA funds. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />There are a number of bicycle corridors with countywide or intercity significance within the <br />Town of Los Gatos which are identified in the CBP:. <br />• Winchester Boulevard from north Town limits to Blossom Hill Road. <br />• Blossom Hill Road from Winchester Boulevard (North Santa Cruz Avenue) to Vasona <br />Park/Los Gatos Creek Trail. <br />• Pollard Road from Quito Road to Knowles Drive. <br />• Knowles Drive from Pollard Road to Dell Avenue (continuing on to Los Gatos Creek <br />Trail via Dell Avenue). <br />• Bascom Avenue/Los Gatos Boulevard from Mozart Avenue to Samaritan Drive. <br />• Samaritan Drive from Bascom Avenue/Los Gatos Boulevard to National Avenue. <br />• National Avenue from Samaritan Drive to Los Gatos Almaden Road. <br />• Los Gatos Almaden Road from National Avenue to Harwood Road. <br />• Hartivood Road from Los Gatos Almaden Road to Blossom Hill Road. <br />• Blossom Hill Road from Harwood Road to east Town limits. <br />• Los Gatos Saratoga Road (SR 9) from west Town limits to Los Gatos Boulevard. <br />Additionally, there are a number of across barrier comiections (such as freeways and creeks) <br />within the Town of Las Gatos listed in the CBP in the Town of Los Gatos: <br />• SR 85 at Oka Road. <br />• SR 85 between Pollard Road and Winchester Boulevard. <br />• SR 17 (Los Gatos Creek Trail) between Lark Avenue and Blossom Hill Road. <br />Lastly, two Capital Improvement Projects for the Town of Los Gatos are included in the CBP: <br />Highway 9 to Los Gatos Creek Trail Comlector - Construct a pedestrian and bicycle trail <br />connecting the sidewalk and bicycle lanes on Highway 9 to the creek trail. This project <br />would provide pedeshians and bicyclists a convenient access to the Los Gatos Creek <br />Trail from Highway 9. It would encourage and promote walking and bicycling and <br />compliment the recent completion of bicycle lanes on Highway 9. <br />