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PAGE 2 <br />OCTOBER 4, 2010 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 10-03 PARKS AND PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT UPGRADE <br />PROJECT <br />DISCUSSION (cont'd <br />the play lots. As an alternative, reconstruction of the play lots was also considered. This would <br />allow for multiple manufacturers and designers to compete for the project. However, this would <br />require a complete redesign of each play lot as well the removal and replacement of all play <br />equipment. The cost of reconstructing all play lots at these tlu-ee parks would easily exceed <br />$300,000. For this reason, staff proposes a sole source approach to this project and has worked <br />with the original designer/manufacturer to obtain acost-effective proposal for this work. <br />The playground equipment currently installed at each of these parks was manufactured by <br />Landscape Structures and installed by Ross Recreation. Ross Recreation is the exclusive <br />distributor for Landscape Structures play equipment in Northern California. Over the past <br />decade, it has become industry standard that modifications to play lots (additions, repairs, etc.) <br />are only performed by the original firm that created the layout and design for the each play lot. <br />The original designer maintains primary responsibility for the functionality of the play lot. <br />Ross Recreation has been providing recreational materials and services to the Town for several <br />years and is familiar with the Town's standard specification format, provides fast and efficient <br />service, and as stated above is the only authorized distributor for Landscape Structures in <br />Northern California. As a result, staff did not seek other vendor quotations. Further, staff <br />recommends the Town Council approve this equipment upgrade project and equipment purchase <br />in the amount of $108,096 from Ross Recreation. <br />The upgrade for each of playground is estimated to be completed by December 2010. The cost <br />estimate for each playground upgrade is as follows (See attached cost proposal Exhibit A): <br />• Bachman Park - $32,248.89 <br />• Belgatos Park - $26,694.75 <br />• Blossom Hill Park - $49,151.88 <br />A community meeting was held August 4, 2010 at Blossom Hill Park for the purpose of <br />reviewing proposed improvements for all three parks. Additionally, all three of these park's <br />neighborhoods were invited to attend and give their input regarding the proposed improvements. <br />Community members from the Baclunan Park neighborhood were the only residents in <br />attendance, along with three Park Commissioners. All attendees were supportive of the proposed <br />improvements for the three parks. Following the August 4 meeting, staff received one additional <br />phone call from a resident regarding the Blossom Hill Park proposal. The resident also voiced <br />support of the proposed changes. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Staff recommends that the Town Council authorize the Town Manager to execute a Construction <br />Services Agreement with Ross Recreation in an amount not to exceed $108,096. <br />