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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR ANDTOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: DRAFT 2020 GENERAL PLAN AND EIR <br />Se~tember^ 9, 2010 <br />The Administrative Draft 2020 General Plan will be distributed to Town Council the weele of <br />September 13, 2010. In addition to the Administrative Draft, staff recommends the Town <br />Council review the attached Resolution containing the Statement of Overriding Considerations <br />and Findings of tact to support the General Plan and FEIR (Attaclunent 1). <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Administrative Draft 2020 General Plan reflects the Town Council's direction from the <br />August 2, 16, and 18, 2010, reviews. Changes for the revisions from the August 2, 2010, Town <br />Council meeting that Council had not found to be acceptable, as well as all directed <br />modifications from the August 16 and August 18 meetings, are in redline, with strikeout for <br />deleted and underscore for new text. All other, changes that the Council reviewed and found. <br />acceptable will be incorporated into to the Administrative Draft in regular, non-redlined text. <br />Should the Council have any final recommended changes to the Plan,. staff requests that those be <br />sent to staff prior to the September 20, 2010, Council meeting so staff can consolidate the <br />comments in a desk item for Council discussion. <br />Finally, staff recommends that the Town Council also review Attachment I, the Resolution <br />containing the Statement of Overriding Considerations and Findings of Fact to support the <br />General Plan and FEIR. <br />CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: <br />The Draft 2020 General Plan is a result of the Town Council's direction to update the existing <br />2000 General Plan. by removing existing implementation measures or action items that were <br />completed; refining existing policies that may not be serving the community as intended. or lack <br />clarity; revising information that is no longer current; and integrating new Goals, Policies, and <br />Actions relevant to Open Space, Parlcs, and Recreation; Environment and Sustainability; Youth <br />Needs, and Senior Needs. <br />The GPAC has reviewed and modified the four Focus Area. Goals, Policies, and Actions, and <br />ultimately recommended the Planning Commission and Town Council consider the Focus Area <br />changes in the Draft 2020 General Plan. The Planning Commission considered the GPAC <br />recommended changes in the Focus Area General Plan Elements; reviewed the non-Focus Area <br />Draft 2020 General Plan Elements; General Plan Comment Matrix; Table of 2000 General Plan <br />Goals, Policies, and Actions that are not recommended to be carried over to the Draft 2020 <br />General Plan; and considered the FEIR. Based on the Town Council's direction and the "test for <br />adequacy" factors, the Planning Commission unanimously found that the General Plan met the <br />stated objectives and accordingly recommended that the Town Council approve the Draft 2020 <br />General Plan and certify the Final Envirommental Impact Report. <br />The Town Council has conducted a thorough review of the Draft 2020 General Plan and the <br />Final Environmental Impact Report on August 2, 16, and 18, 2010. The Town Council made <br />