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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: DRt1F"f 2020 GENERAL PLAN AND F,IR <br />Azrgzrst 2, 2010 <br />1 Requiring euer~y Ind water efficiencv ludits 1t time-of--sale For commerical and residential <br />prouerties. <br />b Requiring enet•gy efficiencv audits by a s~cified date or within a specified timeline. <br />c Placin agn exuiration date ou the energy rating certificate so that homes would be required to <br />have a re ug lai•Iy scheduled energy efficiency audit. <br />d Requiring an energy efficiencv audit for major retrofits new electrical accounts reappraisals, <br />or rental, lease or other transfers. <br />e Developing a Residential Enemy Conservation Ordinance, which requires certain property <br />owners to conduct prescribed energy aiid water efficiencv up rag des prior to sale of the <br />property. <br />f Retro-conunissionin~ for commercial buildings to reeularly test energy-consuming equipment <br />based on building ape and buildin sg ize <br />~ Offering low-cost loans as allowed under AB 811. <br />SILVAR is requesting to revise the Action as follows: "Study possible measures to improve <br />energy and water efficiency in existing buildings as part of the development of a Climate Action <br />Plan." <br />Discussion of the Draft 2020 General Plan Reformatting of Goals: During the individual <br />meetings with Council Members, staff became aware that some Council Members were <br />concerned with the reformatting of Goals, Policies, and Actions that occurred with the Draft <br />2020 General Plan. The Draft 2020 General Plan contains 108 Goals. All but two existing goals <br />were carried over from the previous 2000 General Plan, and a number of new goals were added. <br />"1'he two goals that are not recommended to be carried over are S.G.1.1, which states, "To reduce <br />the potential for injuries, damage to property, economic and social displacement, and loss of life <br />resulting from earthquakes, and other various forms of geologic failures including mud flows and <br />landslides"; and N.G.1.1, which states, "To preserve the quiet atmosphere of the Town." Both of <br />these goals were redundant with other existing goals. <br />However, through the redrafting of the 2020 General Plan, many of the goals, policies, and <br />actions were reordered, combined with other goals, policies, or actions, and revised. The overall <br />intent of these revisions was to ensure a logical and consistent relationship among the goals, and <br />the policies and actions listed under the goals. Moreover, staff and the consultants evaluated the <br />best location for the goals, based on the overall intent of each Element. For example, in the 2000 <br />General Plan, the first Land Use Goal was L.G.1.1, which states "To preserve, promote, and <br />protect the existing small town character and quality of life within Los Gatos." In the Draft 2020 <br />General Plan this goal has been relocated to the Community Design Element and is listed as Goal <br />CD-1. <br />A Council Member expressed concern that the relocating of goals has changed the overall flow <br />and tenor of the document and results in reprioritizing the community's goals or values. While <br />this was not the intent of reorganizing the document, staff offers a number of suggestions to <br />address the Council Member's concerns, including: <br />