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~ I <br />' ~ <br />August 10, 2007 <br />Randal Tsuda <br />Assistant Director of Community Development <br />Town of Los Gatos <br />110 E. Main Street <br />PO Box 949 <br />Los Gatos, CA 95031 <br />RE: Los Gatos Police Station <br />Dear Randal, <br />David and I enjoyed our meeting a few weeks ago with you, Curtis and Anthony. We're excited about the <br />opportunity to partner with the Town of Los Gatos on the new Police Station and have assembled the <br />attached proposal and Scope of Service for our involvement. <br />We've based our proposal on our understanding of .the Towns expected level of our involvement and have <br />made a number of assumptions ih the area of Scope of Service. Please consider this a "first pass" for your <br />review and comment. <br />We've proposed an innovative and experienced team that will work alongside the Town to develop <br />contracting and project delivery solutions that will best fit the Town of Los Gatos's culture, operating <br />philosophy and .legislative requirements. <br />Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal. We welcome the challenge and look forward to the <br />next steps. <br />Sincerely, <br /><, <br />Mark Grieco <br />Vice President <br />Cc: Curtis Banks <br />.~ - . ~ ; <br />• l' <br />David Blitz ~ <br />Senior Project Manager <br />ATTACffi~NT 2 <br />