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CONTRACT <br />THIS AGREEMENT is between the Town of Los Gatos (hereinafter referred to as <br />"Owner") and HSR, Inc. hereinafter referred to as "Contractor").Owner and Contractor, for the <br />consideration hereinafter named, agrees as follows: <br />A. SCOPE OF WORK <br />Contractor shall furnish .all materials and perform all of the work for the construction of PPW <br />Job No. OS-17 -Highway 9 Safety Improvement Project in accordance with the Contract <br />Documents. <br />B. CONTRACT PRICE <br />As full compensation for furnishing all materials and for doing all the work contemplated and <br />embraced in this Contract, also for all loss or damage arising out of the nature of the work <br />aforesaid, or from the actions of the elements, or from any unforeseen difficulties or obstructions <br />which may arise or be encountered in the prosecution of the work until its acceptance by Owner, <br />and for all risks of every description connected with the Work, also for all expenses incurred by <br />or in consequence of the suspension or discontinuance of work, and for well and faithfully <br />completing the Work, .and the whole thereof, in the manner and according to the Contract <br />Documents, Owner shall pay (six hundred and fifty five thousand seven hundred and twenty <br />dollars) $655 720 , which shall supersede any other amount specified in the Contract <br />Documents. <br />C. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br />All rights and obligations of Owner and Contractor are fully set forth and described in the <br />Contract Documents. All parts of the Contract Documents are intended to be correlated so that <br />any work called for' in one part and not mentioned in the other, or vice versa, is to be executed <br />the same as if mentioned in all said documents. The Contract Documents are defined in Part I, <br />Section 1-1.01(A) of these Specifications and are incorporated herein by reference the same as <br />though set out in full. <br />D. BEGINNING OF WORK <br />Following the execution of this Contract and the approval of bonds and insurance policies and <br />certificates, Owner shall issue a Notice to Proceed with the Work. Commencing work or the <br />entrance of equipment or materials on the site of the Work by Contractor before receipt of the <br />Notice to Proceed is at the sole risk and expense of Contractor, and the Contractor shall be fully <br />liable for any damage or injury sustained by Owner or third persons resulting there from. <br />