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Did You Know...? <br />Heidi long, Youth Librarian <br />• Commented on the Town's Summer Reading program sponsored by the <br />Los Gatos Library. <br />• Commented that more information can be found at the Library or on-line at <br /> <br />CONSENT ITEMS (TO BE ACTED UPON BY A SINGLE MOTION.) <br />1. Appoint members and alternates to the Los Gatos Youth Commission, <br />Community Services Commission, and Parks Commission as <br />recommended by the Ad Hoc Council Sub-Committee. <br />2. Delegate authority for appointment of the Southwest County agencies. <br />board member to the Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority <br />(SYRIA). <br />3. Accept staff report on revised Town of -Los Gatos Emergency <br />Operations Plan ~(EOP). <br />4. Adopt resolution establishing the Fiscal Year 2010/2011 GANN <br />Appropriations limit for the Town of Los Gatos. <br />RESOLUTION 2010-062 <br />5. Adopt resolution requesting that the County of Santa Clara Board of <br />Supervisors consolidate a General Municipal Election to be <br />held November 2, 2010 with the State-wide General Election to be held <br />on that date pursuant to Section 10403 of the Elections Code and <br />authorizing other related actions. RESOLUTION 2010-061 <br />6. Adopt a resolution authorizing the transfer of Community <br />Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds and related budget <br />adjustments. RESOLUTION 2010-063 <br />7. PPW Job No. A10-001 -Traffic Engineering Consultant Services <br />Adopt resolution authorizing the Town Manager to execute an <br />.amendment to the professional consultant services agreement with <br />TJKM Transportation Consultants for one more year to perform traffic <br />engineering consultant services in the Town of Los Gatos on an on- <br />call basis. RESOLUTION 2010-064 <br />