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Presentations -Continued <br />Outgoing. Student Commissioners <br />• Mayor Diane McNutt thanked Paul Glenn, Alissa Miller, and Andrew <br />Young for their volunteer time on the Town's Youth Commission and <br />Community Services Commission. <br />• Chief Scott Seaman presented commendations to the outgoing student <br />Commissioners and thanked them for their volunteer time to the Town. <br />• Mayor Diane McNutt recognized the incoming Student Commissioners <br />and welcomed them to the organization. <br />CLOSED SESSION REPORT <br />• There was no Closed Session scheduled for this meeting. <br />TOWN COUNCIL <br />COUNCIL/TOWN MANAGER REPORTS <br />Council Matters <br />• There was no Council Matters for this meeting. <br />Manager Matters <br />Mr. Larson <br />• Commented that the Town has sold the Redevelopment Agency <br />Certificates of Participation at a very favorable interest rate. <br />• Commented that June 8, 2010 is Election Day and Sarita Clara County <br />residents may turn in there "Vote by Mail" ballots at the Clerk Department. <br />until. 5:00 p.m. that day. <br />• Commented that Friday,. June 11, 2010 is the deadline to submit . <br />applications for the Town's Boards, Commissions, and Committees.. <br />Applications and information is available on the Town's website. <br />• Commented that this Saturday kicks off the restoration of the Town's and. <br />''Chamber's Second Saturday program. <br />2 <br />