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<br />Government Code 83 X08-&3109 <br />Every person who, while taking and subscribing to the oath or affirmation required by this charter states as true <br />any material matter which he knows to be false, is guilty of perjury, and is punishable by imprisonment on the <br />state prison not less than one nor more than 14 years. Every person having taken and subscribed to the oath or <br />affirmation required by this chapter, who, while in the employ of, or service with, the state or any county, city, city <br />and county, state agency, public district, or disaster council or emergency organization advocates or becomes a <br />member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the government of <br />the Unites States by force or violence or other unlawful means, is guilty of felony and is punishab?e by <br />imprisonment in the state prison. <br />DSW Volunteer Classifications <br />DSW volunteers are used throughout the state to augment first responder and rescue teams in a state of war, <br />state of emergency or a local emergency disaster, and to assist in recovery activities following a catastrophic <br />event. The DSW volunteer classifications approved by the California Emergency Council are listed below. If an <br />accredited Disaster Council determines it needs volunteer disaster services not included in one of these <br />classifications, the Council may contact the Governors Office of Emergency Services, DSWVP Coordinator. <br />Anima! Rescue, Care & Shelter <br />Communications <br />Community Emergency Response Team Member <br />Finance & Administrative Staff <br />Human Services <br />Fire <br />Laborer <br />Law Enforcement <br />Logistics <br />Medical & Environmental Health <br />Safety Assessment Inspector <br />Search & Rescue <br />Utilities <br />_~_ <br />