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PAGE2 <br />MAY 17, 2010 <br />MAYORAND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: ADOPT RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING STAFF TO FILE AN APPLICATION <br />POR FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION (SIP) FUNDING LOCAL STREETS AND <br />ROADS (LSR) REHABILITATION AND RECONSTRUCTION GRANT FOR <br />FY 2010/11 <br />BACKGROUND (cont'd): <br />The Town has made significant progress ui raising the quality of the roadway infrastructure over the <br />past decade. The allocation of funds to maintain roadways continues to be a priority. The lack of <br />long term funding for street improvements remains a major challenge to most agencies in the Bay <br />area. Grant funding continues to be the most viable option for the Town to fund roadway <br />maintenance and improvement projects. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Town staff has been informed by Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the agency <br />administering this grant, that these funds can only be applied to collector and arterial streets; local <br />residential streets are not eligible. <br />The Town has applied fora $500,000 grant for the repairs and repaving of University Avenue, <br />between Shelburne Way and the Vasona Dam, covering a distance of approximately one mile. The <br />project includes resurfacing of the roadway, construction of curbs and sidewalks, and the installation <br />of storm drain improvements. The scope of this project meets the criteria for resurfacing as defined <br />by the MTC and is validated by the Town's pavement condition index system. <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Staff recoimnends that the Town Council adopt a Resolution authorizing staff to file an application <br />for Federal Surface Transportation (SIP) Program Funding for Local Streets and Roads (LSR) <br />rehabilitation and reconstruction. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS: <br />Is not a project defined under CEQA, and no further action is required. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: <br />If the grant application is approved, the Town must allocate $124,780 as the local match for this <br />project. This funding is available in the Town's proposed FY 2010/11 Capital Budget under the <br />Street Repair and Resurfacing project. <br />Attachment: <br />Resolution authorizing staff to file an application for Federal Surface Transportation (SIP) Program <br />Funding for Local Sheets and Roads (LSR) rehabilitation and reconstruction. <br />