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Presentations/Proclamations -Continued <br />National Public Works Week <br />• Mayor Diane McNutt proclaimed the week of May 17, 2010 as Public <br />Works Week. <br />• Todd Capurso, Director of Parks and Public Works accepted the <br />proclamation bn behalf his department. <br />• Commented on his Department's importance in the community and <br />commended his team for their hard work. <br />• Commented that-Parks and Public Works will be hosting their annual <br />Open House on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 and invited the community to <br />stop by the corporation yard and take a tour. <br />Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget <br />Presentation Award for Fiscal Year 2009/2010 <br />• Mayor Diane McNutt presented the Government Finance Officers <br />Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for Fiscal Year <br />2009/2010 to the Town of Los Gatos. <br />• Steve Conway, Director of Finance accepted the award on behalf of the <br />Town. <br />• Mr. Conway thanked Council for their support and thanked staff for the <br />professionah work with the budget process. <br />CLOSED SESSION REPORT <br />CONFERENCE WITH LABDR NEGOTIATOR <br />(Government Code. Section 54957.6) <br />Town Negotiators (Lead): Rumi Portillo, Human Resources Director <br />Greg Larson, Town Manager Employee <br />Organization(s): Management Employees <br />Confidential Employees Town Employees' <br />Association (TEA) <br />Police Officers' Association (POA) <br />American Federation of State, County <br />Municipal Employees Local No. 101 (AFSCME) <br />Mr. Martello stated that direction was given. and no reportable action was taken. <br />PUBLIC EMPLOYEE APPOINTMENT <br />(Government Code Section 54957} <br />Title: Town Attorney <br />Mr. Martello stated that direction was given and no reportable action was taken. <br />2 <br />