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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL/CHAIR & MEMBERS OF THE RDA <br />SUBJECT: FY 2010/11 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGETS <br />MAY 17, 2010 <br />productivity and customer service. Previous projects funded from this source include document <br />management, the new phone system, and wireless video downloading for police. The transition fiom <br />Novell to Microsoft Exchange will also be funded by this source. <br />Property Tax Revenue <br />A question was asked about 4% property tax growth as indicated on page C-14. This increase in <br />property tax revenue reflects a comparison between the original adopted FY 2009/10 budget and the <br />proposed FY 2010/11 budget, as is the standard. budget presentation. However, when including the $2,2 <br />m SERAF payment received by the Town with the FY 2009/10 estimated property tax revenue, the <br />actual projected growth in property tax revenue is slightly below 1 %. This presentation adjustment will <br />be made as part of the final published budget document. <br />Library Services <br />Questions asked about the library are outlined below: <br />.Trust Funds - A question was asked about the use of the Library McClendon and Ness Trust funds. The <br />fund balances have been fully appropriated to allow flexibility in addressing various needs related to the <br />new library, including both future collections and services as well as contributions to the Friends <br />fundraising campaign for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE). <br />Library Hours - A question was asked about the savings generated as a result of reducing total library <br />hours from 54 to 50 a week. Attached is a schedule showing current, proposed and alternative library <br />hours for next year. The reduction in hours was proposed not only for -cost savings, but also to <br />standardize operating hours consistent with those most used by the community and to attain operational <br />efficiency associated with staffing "single shift" days. In addition, the rapidly rising utilization of <br />library online services supplements access to library services available when the library is open. The <br />change to ~50 hours leaves Los Gatos in the middle of library service hours provided throughout the <br />County. <br />Library Consolidation - A question was asked about the proposed consolidation study related to library <br />services. The retirement of the Library Director, the opening of the new Library, and fiscal realities <br />make this an optimum time to consider full or partial consolidation of the Town library with County or <br />other~service providers. <br />Library Transition -The $7,500 recommended as a grant to the Friends of the Library would cover the <br />retired Library Director for up to 4 hours per week for 6 months at her current hourly rate. The Friends <br />would be required to fund any increased compensation or hours of service as well as payroll and <br />supervision. <br />