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Council/Manager Matters -Continued <br />Mr. Wasserman provided a packet of information regarding the issue for <br />distribution to the Council Members and stated if there are any questions <br />or thoughts he will bring them up at the next Guadalupe West Valley Flood <br />Control meeting. <br />Vice Mayor Joe Pirzysnki <br />• Recommended that at the next council meeting, language be brought <br />forward for a Council proclamation of support in favor of the statewide <br />initiative to protect local revenues. <br />• Council Member Mike Wasserman seconded the request by Vice Mayor <br />Joe Pirzynski. <br />MANAGER MATTERS <br />Mr. Larson <br />• Commented that last Wednesday a milestone was celebrated as long-time <br />Volunteer in Policing (VIP), Don Stillwell, walked his 3000th mile <br />protecting our trails. The Police Chief walked with him towards the end of <br />the trail and there was a celebratory welcome at Town Hall. <br />• Commented that site prep and demolition were started last week for <br />the new library project. The historic home has been moved to Winchester <br />Boulevard and Lark Avenue and the Town is continuing to seek individuals <br />who are interested in purchasing the house. <br />• Commented that the stimulus-funded work on University Avenue and <br />Blossom Hill Road is underway. <br />• Suggested that residents save the date, Wednesday, April 21st from 5-7 <br />p.m„ for a General Plan Update Community Forum. <br />Did You Know...? <br />Jerett Blaskey, Parks & Public Works Acting Parks Supervisor <br />•, Updated the Council and community on the Town's park reservation <br />process. <br />• Commented that the community can make park reservations on-line at the <br />Town's website:, by telephone (408) 399-5781, or <br />by visiting the Parks and Public Works Department at 41 Miles Avenue. <br />Mayor Diane McNutt <br />• Questioned if the type of events for which the parks can be reserved are <br />things like birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics, etc. <br />Mr. Blaskey <br />• Confirmed that the events for which the parks can be reserved also <br />include events. such as cancer walks, which require a special use permit. <br />2 <br />