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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: ADOPT RESOLUTION 1N SUPPORT OF THE LOCAL TAXPAYER, PUBLIC <br />SAFETY AND TRANSPORTATION PROTECTION ACT OF 2010 <br />FEBRUARY 25, 2010 <br />redevelopment agency funds and took $697 million of transit funds. Cumulatively with previous <br />takeaways, Los Gatos has lost approximately $22.0 million in property tax and other tax revenue <br />to the State since Fiscal Year 1979-80 and $3.5 million in total Redevelopment Agency <br />takeaways including scheduled and prior State takeaways since Fiscal Year 1993. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Last October 2009, a coalition, which includes the League of California Cities, local <br />government, transportation and public transit leaders, filed a ballot measure initiative -the Local <br />Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transpar-tation Act -with the California Attorney General's office. <br />The coalition has been worl~ing to have this measure placed on the statewide ballot for <br />November 2010. <br />The measure, if passed by voters, would close loopholes and prevent the State from borrowing, <br />raiding or otherwise redirecting local government (local taxes, property taxes, redevelopment), <br />transportation (Highway User Tax Account [HUTA] and Proposition 42 funds) and public transit <br />funds. <br />Ballot Measure Details <br />The ballot that was filed by the growing coalition worl~ing to protect local revenues and local <br />services would: <br />Prohibit the State from talcin~, borrowing or redirecting local taxpayer funds dedicated to-public <br />safety, emergenc~ponse and other vital local ~oveimment services (including redevelopment <br />The measure would close loopholes to prevent the taking of local taxpayer funds currently <br />dedicated to cities, counties and special districts. It would also revoke the State's authority to <br />borrow local government property tax funds or divert local redevelopment funds. <br />Protect vital, dedicated transportation and public transit funds fiom State raids. The measure <br />would prevent State borrowing, taking or redirecting of the State sales tax on gasoline <br />(Proposition 42 fields) and Highway User Tax on gasoline (HUTA funds) that are dedicated to <br />transportation maintenance and improvements. It would also prevent the State from redirecting <br />or taking public transit fiords. <br />Attaclunent: Resohrtion in support of the Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation <br />Protection Act of 2010 <br />