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,;.;~, <br />,r.~ \ __ ..... _~.. _ .....,.. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 695 <br />AN (3RDINANCE OF~ THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS, COUNTY OF SA11TT'A <br />CLARA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, AMENI3ING SECTIOI~I 3.02, OF <br />ORDII~'ANCE NO. 392 OF SAID TOWN. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does ordaia as follows: <br />SECTION 1. Sectional District No. 3.Q2.3~ of the Zoning <br />Map of the Town of Los Gatos, which said map was .adopted as a part <br />of Ordinance No. 392 of said Town, together with any amendments there--' <br />to is hereby changed and amended by substituting for Sectional <br />District No. ~°~2°~~' as shown on said map, as amended, a new <br />Sect oral Distr let No . 3.02. ~~ a map of said Sect ions I <br />District is attached hereto and entitled "Amended Sectional District <br />No. 3<02.3~a- Q~ the Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gatos." <br />SECTION 2 . Sect ions I District No .. 3.02.3 as shtswn ugan <br />the Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gatos as the same, was adapted <br />as a part of Ordinance No, 392, as amended, of said Town is hereby <br />repealed. <br />SECTION 3. The exterior boundaries of Sectional District <br />No. 3.0Z.3~ of the Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gatos are <br />shown on that~certaia map entitled "Index Map to Sectional District <br />Maps, Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gatos,t' which said Index Map <br />was adopted as a portion of Ordinance No, 392 of said Town of Los <br />Gatos on the 17th day of 3~ovember ~ lg 5$ , together with anp <br />amendments which may have thereaf ter been made, which said Index Map <br />of Sectional District Maps is ref erred to in Section 3.02 of said <br />Ordinance No. 39.2. <br />SECTION ~E. This Ordinance shall be published once in Los <br />Gatos Times-Saratoga Observer, a newpaper of general crculatifln, <br />printed and published in the Town of Los Gatos. <br />