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t ~, y""- <br />ORiIINHNC~ N~ . 699 <br />AN ORDIN~`iI~CE APP~£t3VING THE .ANNE~.~TO'.d d?% CERTAIN <br />UNiNHAEI~ED TERRITQRy, 3)E~i~NATEi3 <br />"BU.ENA V~~7'A H~Ii~1~TS ~II~MBI=R TYCO AEdNEXR~'~ON" <br />'Tl> TFE ~®WN 0% LC3~ GATG~ <br />T~€E ~`QWI~ C£3~J~C3:L C+F TRi~ T+~W~ E3P ~~`~~ ~ii`.~~35 04ES O~~AIN <br />A S FOLI,t~GV ~ a <br />WHEREr~S can tine 1st c~ay of Apr ~ l 1~ 63~, the Ca~anczl <br />aA •~:he T~awn of I.os Gatos did ~.inri~3 ar_~. ~.drpt :~ Resolnt ior: gi~~a ng <br />no~~.ce of the propose. t® a~an.ex ~ertai nnirha~sited ter:~z.tory to the <br />-awn of Los Gatos, said territory herein designated as <br />z~ <br />~B uena <br />~ i s ~ta He ~ ghts d~umbe r " <br />Two Anraexat i on y ~ and said <br />, action being <br />taken by the C:n~nY32 Of said 'fawn as the leg~.siatit~e body Of the <br />Towaa pna°s~axst to a written petitio~a therefe~re, sai3 ~esolutis~n <br />d2ss~ribing the b©undaries of the territor;= so ~:roposed to be <br />annexed i4 saAd To-rn; and <br />iV~IERE~.~, Bald Resol^.at~.aca d%d coaatain a no: ace o~ the <br />day, hour azad place when and where the said Coc:ncil of said Town <br />would hear protests ~€~ade }~~' a.~~y per sort awt~.n~ Neal ~?~^ope:~`ty <br />in ~~r~e tex°x•iitoa°y proposed to i*e annexed, the ti~;e of said hearing <br />beir_ not IeSS tLan twenty nox more than s~.xty days. fro~,~ date <br />cf t}ae passage of said .~tesolsst;.ony and <br />WR~;REA~, on the zoth day of tray ___.. 19.63 , <br />at tine hoar of 8.00 o'clocEc P~eNi® in the Los Gatos Cotancil <br />Chambers in the down Fall of i~ae Town of Los Gatos, County ox <br />Santa Glara, State of California, said time aid place being the <br />day, hour and place fixed saa saiea Resol~xtior for hear=ng p, atesta <br />to said annexation, 'the said Coa~ncil of said 'Town did hear atac3 <br />pass upon alI protests made to said proposed annexation and did <br />determiaze that n® protests tc~ said proposed annexation have beau <br />made by or on behalf of the owners of. Dane-half of the value of <br />the territory proposed to be annexed as shown by the equalized <br />roll, nor by p~blgc and private owners of equal to one-half ®f <br />Page of Pages <br />