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RESOLUTIQN 2001-15 <br />RESOLUTION GRANTING AN APPEAL OF A DECLSION OF <br />THE PLANNING COMMISSION APPROVING A REQUEST TO INSTALL A WIRELESS <br />COMMUNICATION FACILITY MOUNTED ON AN EXISTING PG&E TOWER IN <br />CONJUNCTION WITH A RECENTLY APPROVED SPRINT INSTALLATION <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT: U-00-17 <br />PROPERTY LOCATION: KENSINGTON WAY <br />PROPERTY OWNER: PG&E <br />APPLICANT: GENERAL DYNAMICS FOR VERIZON <br />APPELLANT: MARY JANE WHITEFORD <br />WHEREAS: <br />A. This matter came before Council for public hearing on January 16, 2001, on an appeal by <br />Mary Jane Whiteford (appellant) t11e from a decision of the Planning Commission and was regularly noticed <br />in conformance with State and Town law. <br />B. Council received testimony and documentary evidence fromthe appellant and all interested <br />persons who wished to testify or submit documents. Council considered all testimony and materials <br />submitted, including the record of the Planning Commission proceedings and the packet of material <br />contained in the Council Agenda Report dated .January 16, 2001, along with .subsequent reports and <br />materials prepared concerning this application. <br />C. The applicant is requesting approval of plans to attach six panel antennas to the four legs of <br />an existing PG&E lattice tower. T11e subject parcel serves as a PG&E right-of--way for high voltage lines.. <br />The proj ect will occupy approximately 459 square feet of area beneath the existing lattice tower and the site <br />will require visitation by service personnel once per month. <br />D. On April 12, 2000, the Planning Commission approved an application by Sprint to install a <br />PCS facility on the lower half of an existing. PG&E tower on Kensington Way. On May 17, 2000, GTE <br />submitted an application to install a co-locate additional antennas and equipment on the same tower at a <br />height of 82' 2". The application was approved by the Planning Commission on October 11, 2000.. <br />1 <br /> <br />