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OFFICE OI' TJ-IE TOWN CLERK <br />aGR a~~ ~~~ <br />IHH <br />AGREEMENT FOR SENIOR CASE MANAGEMENT CONSUL~~ <br />REC _ <br />RESO ~ <br />~e-C.~.L~-~~ <br />THIS .AGREEMENT is entered into this day of , 2001, by and between <br />the Town of .Los Gatos, State of California, herein called the "Town", and JEWISH FAMILX <br />SERVICE OF SILICON VALLEY, engaged in providing Senior Case Management consulting <br />services, herein called the "Consultant". <br />RECITALS <br />A. The Town is considering undertaking activities to provide social services to senior .adults <br />.aged 60 years and older in the Los Gatos community, both homebound .and mobile. <br />B, The Town desires to engage a Senior Case Management Consultant to provide consulting <br />services to provide assessment, support, and needed links. to community services to frail <br />adults and their families, to provide improved quality of life and minimize health risks, <br />allowing individuals to stay in their homes for as long as possible. The Consultant has the <br />experience and qualifications to perform the desired work. <br />C. The Consultant represents and affirms that it is qualified and willing to perform the desired <br />work pursuant to this Agreement, <br />AGREEMENTS <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE PARTIES HERETO AGREE AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. .Scope of Services. The Consultant shall provide the following services listed below: <br />A. Client Assessment and Plan, Case manager and/or other staff will perform a <br />comprehensive assessment of each client, including health, functional, and psycho- <br />social status; employment. and housing needs; and environmental situation. Case <br />.manager and/or other staff will develop and write a care plan for services and follow- <br />throughneeded to improve functional level. This may include evaluating immediate <br />risks; conductinghome visits; interpreting laws, regulations, and services for seniors; <br />.interagency and family conferences; supportive counseling; and client advocacy. <br />Clients will also undergo reassessment after services have been implemented, with <br />revision of the .care plan as necessary. <br />B. Application Assistance. Individuals with questions about transportation or other <br />singular issues .may. be referred to programs, independent of a complete case <br />management assessment. The case manager and staff will assist case management <br />clients. and individuals in completing applications as requested to provide needed <br />links to supportive services. <br />Page 1 of 9 <br />