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OFFICE OF THE TOWN CLERK <br />AGR O/. ~~ <br />IHH <br />ORD <br />FIRST AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT FORREC_ <br />LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICES RESO <br />BETWEEN <br />THE CITY OF MONTE SERENO <br />AND <br />THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />This First Amendment to Agreement for Law Enforcement Services (the <br />"Amendment") is entered into on this _ day of ,.2001, by and between the <br />City of Monte Sereno ("Monte Sereno") and the Town of Los Gatos ("Los Gatos"), both <br />California municipal corporations located in the County of Santa Clara, California. <br />RECITALS <br />A. On September 1, .1995, Monte Sereno and Los Gatos entered into an Agreement <br />For Law Enforcement Services (the "Agreement") wherein the Los Gatos police <br />department contracted to provide police services for Monte Sereno. <br />B. Both parties desire to amend the Agreement by entering into this Amendment to <br />provide for a change in limitation on annual increases in salary and by extending the <br />time required for cancellation of the Agreement. <br />AGREEMENT <br />Subsection (b)(ii) of section 6 of the Agreement entitled "COST PROVISIONS" <br />is hereby amended to .read as follows: <br />"(ii) In no event shall the annual increase exceed 8.0 percent between <br />July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2006. By June 1, 2006, the parties shall reevaluate the <br />8.0 percent annual limit on increases and agree upon whether an adjustment is <br />appropriate for the next five-year period." <br />2. Section 7 ofthe Agreement entitled "TERM" is hereby amended to read as <br />follows: <br />"7. TERM. AND AMENDMENT <br />This Agreement shall be effective .September 1, 1995, and be <br />operative through June 30, 2025.. Notwithstanding the aforementioned term, this <br />Agreement may be cancelled by either party, with or without cause, upon written <br />notice to cancel to the other party as provided in section 8{b). To be effective, <br />notice shall be provided not ,less than twelve months prior to the date the <br />cancellation is to become .effective. This Agreement may be amended by the <br />written agreement of both parties." <br />