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Conditional Use Permit for the Master Site Plan which includes the plan for demolition and <br />reconstruction of the classrooms for the Architecture and Site Application. <br />D. Planning Commission considered this matter on April 12, 2000 and approved the <br />applications subject to conditions. The decision of the P1amling Commission was appealed. Town <br />Council considered the appeal on June 5, 2000 and remanded the matter to the Planning Commission <br />with directions that the plans and design be evaluated for traffic study and calming measures, <br />enrollment limitations, and student activity scheduling. <br />E. Planning Commission reconsidered the matter on October 25, 2000 and approved the <br />applications subject to conditions. <br />F. Appellants claim that the Planning Commission erred or .abused its discretion and <br />erroneously failed to consider traffic issues and that this was an issue or policy over whiciz the <br />Commission did not have discretion to modify or .address, but which was vested in the Council for <br />modification or decision. Appellant Dermer is concerned with traffic impacts on Marchmont Drive <br />while appellant Taylor is concerned with the opening of the Ann Arbor gate and traffic impacts on <br />Ann Arbor Drive. <br />G. Council finds as follows pursuant to Town Code section 29.20..300 that decision of <br />the Planning. Commission was correct, but that .additional time was necessary to determine the <br />efficacy of traffic volume control measures instituted by the applicant and to set appropriate <br />numerical goals and other enforcement mechanisms as conditions of approval for the use permit and <br />.architecture and site approval. <br />IZESOI,VEDo <br />1. The appeals of the decision of the Planning Commission on Proj ect P12J-99-062 and <br />PRJ-99-063 are denied. Attached hereto as Exhibit A are Revised Conditions of Approval for LTse <br />